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We know there are 100's of BDSM websites out there, so why create another?

Take 30 seconds to find out why.

I met Bella 2 years ago, and along our journey of discovery we couldnt believe how many experts where directing people as to how to live in a BDSM lifestyle. We didnt fit in many of the experts "pigeon holes". It didn't take long to realize that BDSM has a different meaning to everyone and no two people are the same.

So what we are not offering are how to's or rules or what you "must" do as a Dom, Sir, Daddy, Master, Mistress, sub, slave, little etc. We are simply offering our point of view which you may relate too or you may not.

Our blog will not appeal to all and thats ok, we arent here to please everyone or be the most informative or the ultimate source of information. We truly both like meeting and helping people. What we will provide are viewpoints, links, contacts and sometimes even products that you may find useful. At worst it may simply be informative.

Bella comments daily on her concerns of how so many "newbie" subs are being manipulated through lack of experience and knowledge, when they are simply seeking love or acceptance. I know Bella will be providing alot of guidance and mentoring to newbies. And let's all remember we weren't all born with a flogger in our hand we were all newbies at some stage of our journey.

So bookmark us or leave us a message below (we are always happy to hear from likeminded people) and we'll keep you updated as to when we go live.  

For now we are kicking of with some tshirts Bella thought some of you may like. So heres our first product offering below.

Safe, Sane and Consensual

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Mens and Womens Tee's
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